Standard Interface Library

For Linux and Windows

What is sil?

A framework library which aims to isolate we all, the delphi developers, from the different glitches and jerks of the CLX/VCL, and an attempt to provide code that is independent from the operating system.

Sil is not only a library, but a programming technique, safer, cleaner and elegant. It is based on heavy use of interfaces.

Project Status

Windows NT/2000/XP: Rock solid, We are using it to develop applications in industrial environment (Factory automation) with great advantages.

Linux: Porting in progress, help is needed.

Documentation: Catastrophic failure :(

Is this for me?

If the answer is yes then stop reading this and leave this page now! this is not for you.

Sil Demos

In the sil demos page (in development) you will find a lot of small programs written to show the sil way, (code and some bins available). They all are done with very few code lines and many of them are useful utilities.

A word about interfaces

Most programmers are stuck with the idea that interfaces can only be used to access com objects. This is not true, The Sil way is based on the idea that all the objects can be accessed thru an interface. 

When the variable that hold the interface get out of scope, the object destroys himself. You can relay on this even if an exception raises. This eliminates the need for the Free and the try/finally. 

The standard way The Sil way

  sl: TStringList;
  sl := TStringList.Create;
    // use the list


  sl: IStringList;
  sl := Sil.List.StringList(false);
  // use the list


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